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Photo of Eric Miller, Chief Inspector General 
Eric Miller
Chief Inspector General 

Welcome to the Florida Inspectors General web site.   

As mandated by the Florida Inspector General Act of 1994, our mission is to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in state government and detect, deter, and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.  Every state agency has an inspector general who achieves their mission through conducting professional and independent investigations, audits, and reviews.  Our goal is to enhance public trust in government.

This site serves as a resource for federal, state, and local inspectors general to share best practices and inform the public about our achievements and ongoing initiatives.  

It’s everyone’s responsibility to report fraud, waste, and abuse.  Your involvement plays a vital role in us achieving our mission.  As such, this site provides a link to each state agency inspector general where information can be obtained and complaints filed.  This site also provides on-line complaint forms that can be submitted directly to the Office of the Chief Inspector General.


The Chief Inspector General can be reached at:>

Office of the Chief Inspector General
Room 1902 - The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Phone: (850) 717-9264
Fax: (850) 921-0817
E-Mail:  cig@eog.myflorida.com
Report Fraud, Waste and Abuse

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