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ARRA Reporting

The purpose of the ARRA Reporting workgroup is to facilitate communication between agencies and the federal government.


The objectives of the workgroup are to: 

  1. Encourage strong communication among the Florida Inspectors General community.

  2. Develop and maintain a website which serves as a universal tool.

  3. Develop a process for submitting and/or updating information posted to the web.

  4. Produce reports and coordinate activities related to the Florida Inspectors General community ARRA activities.

Ongoing Efforts:

The Florida Inspector General community has been active In ARRA oversight from the initial release of funds, through the reporting cycles and recently by providing assurance and other oversight activities.  The following files represent those ARRA activities performed by eleven different State of Florida agencies.  Most of the activities reported took place in 2010 and 2011.  These were reported by the agencies in late August 2011.

DCA - Audit_ Liberty WAP.pdf
DCA - Audit_Calhoun WAP July 2011.pdf
DCA - Audit_WAP implementation.pdf
DCA - Ongoing activities..docx
DCF - Audit_ARRA Implementation Phase I.pdf
DCF - Audit_Domestic Violence Funding.pdf
DCF - Audit-Investigation_Domestic Violence Recipient.pdf
DCF - Consulting_ARRA Data Quality Review.pdf
DCF - Investigtive Outreach Efforts.doc
DEP - Summary of Recovery Act Projects 8-2011.doc
DMS - Summary.doc
DOC - Oversight Efforts 8_23_11.docx
DOE - ARRA Jobs Reporting Survey 09.10-9CTA.pdf
DOE - ARRA Subrecipient Data Quality 10.11-02MR.pdf
DOE - ARRA Supporting Documentation 09.10-02MR.pdf
DOE - Assessment of Readiness for ARRA Funding 08 09-15CTA-Mary Web ready.pdf
DOE - Summary of Recovery Act Projects 8-2011.doc
DOEA - Oversite efforts 8-22-2011.doc
DOH - Audit_Early Steps.pdf
DOH - Recovery Act Activity.docx
DOH - Review_Liberty CHD.pdf
DOH - Review_Orange CHD.pdf
DOH - Review_Osceola CHD.pdf
DOS - Final 2010-003 ARRA funding audit report.pdf
DOS - Follow-up of 2010-03.tif
DOT - Summary for CIG.DOCX
EOG - Audit_Solar Energy Incentives Program 6-25-10.pdf
EOG - Audit Follow up_Solar Energy Incentives Program June 2011.pdf

Workgroup Library:

Agency Workforce Assessment Survey Report
Succession Planning Report

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